Are You Looking for a Vacation Condo?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Real Estate

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Are you in the market for a new condo, even better, a vacation condo? San Francisco is a beautiful place to own a condo. The nightlife is exciting, the shopping is great, and the views? Amazing! The city is a great place to get away from all your troubles. Here are a few tips when looking for that perfect vacation condo.

  • Know what you want. Do you have a large family? Or is it just you that you’re looking for? Knowing how much room you will need is a good starting point when looking for condos. You should also know the amenities that are included, so you can feel right at home.
  • Will you be renting it out? Another thing to consider is if you will be renting out the space while you aren’t there. What will you be able to offer to get others to rent out the space? Will it be pet friendly? Is it located near some local hot spots? Who will clean it? There are many things to consider if you do choose to rent it out while you aren’t there, but many people make money from renting out their vacation spaces.
  • What do you like to do? If you are a foodie, you’ll want a place closer to some of the local cuisine. If you love shopping, you will want to be closer to some of their major shopping centers. If you love the night life, you’ll want to be closer to downtown. Do you love the ocean? You’ll want somewhere closer to the coast. Do you want your privacy? You might want somewhere not located close to downtown.
  • What is the security? Since you probably won’t be at your vacation condo every day, what is the building’s security like? Is just anyone allowed to walk through the doors? Is there front desk staff that will notice that something is off? This is a good thing to consider if you do not plan on being at your condo consistently.
  • Is it affordable? Since this is a vacation home, don’t let the excitement of having somewhere to get away to cloud your judgement. If it is not plausible to pay for both your regular home, and your vacation condo, you may want to look into other condos.

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