Chicago Furnished Apartments Allow You to Focus on Your Business

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Real Estate

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Nicknamed “the Windy City” or “The Second City,” Chicago has produced some of the most lasting and important contributions to the United States. Whether you want to experience the city for a month or for years, Chicago furnished apartments are a great way to move to the Second City. With everything you need already in the apartment, you only need your clothes. With a luxury location in the heart of the city, you will tap into a thriving business environment for as long as you need.


In a city like Chicago, business moves quickly. You have to be ready to jump into the business world at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re in town for a few weeks or a few years, you want to experience the best the city has to offer. Not all suites are created equal, though.

A dazzling view is an absolute must for high-end Chicago furnished apartments. A rental on the Chicago River offers just that sort of view. Businesses along the river provide food, arts, culture, and entertainment just seconds from these apartments. But, you shouldn’t have to leave your apartment to experience fine dining and entertainment. The highest-quality apartments offer modern appliances. You can take in a movie on a high-end television, cook in a cutting-edge oven, and sleep in a high-quality bed. Since you’re coming to the city, you should experience its best features. Those features should be available as soon as you turn the key.

If you do not know the area very well, or if you do not have very much time, you might want to stay in the building, so you can be close to your work. That is why the best buildings offer gyms, pools, and decks right in the building. That way, you can experience the best amenities without ever having to leave. In fact, some even offer saunas, movie theaters, and hot tubs. That’s like combining a resort and a bustling downtown in the same building.


While you should never skimp on luxury, you should not pay more than you have to. High quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Luxury hotels tend to offer a great number of amenities as well, but at what cost? Short-term leases for suites can cost as little as 50% the price of a comparable hotel room. You must beware, though. Some companies will offer suites at close to the same price as hotels. At the right location, suites can be available at below market rates without sacrificing quality.

To simplify your expenses, you should look into a place that offers utilities bundled with the price of the space. Many locations will offer this, but place usage caps on the Wi-Fi or utilities. Don’t settle for a cap on the amount of data or utilities you can use.

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