Discovering the Best Apartments in Fremont

When you are looking for the best 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Fremont CA or the surrounding neighborhoods, you will want to look at a few key factors to determine the best fit for you.


When you live the apartment life, floor space is key and you will want to make sure your apartment has enough room for you to live comfortably without feeling cramped or caged in.

Pet Policy

Make sure your apartment allows pets if you have a furry companion with you- also check about other pets such as fish, turtles, birds, and exotics.


Not all apartments have the same payment policy so make sure you get that in writing and you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the contract before you sign and make your first payment.


Many people choose one apartment over another of similar cost because of the amenities offered- pool, laundry, game room, internet, etc. are all things that help to sweeten the deal.


Parking can be a hassle in some areas so make sure you will have an easy time parking if you will be coming and going a lot for work or school or other activities on a regular basis.

Visitor Policy

Some apartments have a strict policy about non-residents being in the rooms so be sure you know what is and is not allowed so you stay on good terms with the landlord.


If you find an apartment that strikes your fancy and it is pre-furnished that is a great deal and is something that could sway your decision in favor of a certain facility.


The final point to consider is the one that is most important to the majority of renters- location, location, location; so, make sure it is someplace convenient and safe.

Here at Parc 88 Apartments we have wonderful 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartment floor plans available so come by and see why more people are choosing us for their California apartment needs!

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