How To Find Property Managers In Vail AZ

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Real Estate

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While most people who have invested in real estate want to manage their own properties in Vail AZ, it can be incredibly time-consuming and confusing. However, finding the wrong property managers can also make your job slow and challenging, so you’ll want to find the right one. There are many options available, so you won’t have trouble finding someone, but it can take time to find the perfect option for you. Luckily, there are tips available that may help.

Managed Properties

When considering a manager, you’ll want to find out how many units they are currently managing. You’ll also wish to ask about the number of employees they have available to go out and help with management situations that may arise. If they have trained employees, they can usually run between 30 and 40 units without having any issues. However, if the employees aren’t trained or there aren’t any extra employees, it may not be a good fit.

Own Any Rentals

Though it may seem like a good idea for them to own some rentals, it is typically a better idea if they only focus on locations from others instead of focusing some of their attention on your properties and some on their own.


Whether or not your state requires inspections on a grand scale or not, you should still visit your properties regularly to ensure that things are going well. For example, many cities require that the lawn be regularly mowed. If you need them to mow their own grass and they don’t, you could be fined because of it. Therefore, it’s important to inspect the area periodically.

Customer Service

When searching for property managers in Vail AZ, you’ll want to consider their customer service with you. If they cut you off when you’re talking or try to finish your sentence to hurry you along, they won’t make very good advocates between you and your tenants because the residents will feel like they’re being mocked. Instead, find a manager that stops what they’re doing to listen to you.

Proper Tools

There are many management systems available for sale that can make their job easier though you want to ensure they have the right tools. Ask the manager for samples of reports from the system. If they hesitate to share that information or claim they don’t use any software, seek someone else to help.

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