It is Possible to Find Manhattan Luxury Condos with Parking

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Real Estate

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Tracking down good quality condos in the Manhattan area without spending a small fortune might sound like a pipe dream, but it is possible with enough work and diligence. Take some time to learn the steps involved to making this goal a reality, and then take advantage of the benefits that result.

Spend Plenty of Time Searching

As with anything else in life, good things take time and work. Finding quality Manhattan luxury condos with parking will mean plenty of searching and researching before making a final decision. Pay close attention to local ads and talk to the people in the area to find out if they know anything about what is available. By networking and reaching out it is possible to find some high quality deals, and when one of those comes along it is important to understand how to close the deal and make the best of the location.

Find Manhattan Luxury Condos with Parking that Can Be Afforded

Renters typically want to verify that their occupants can afford to live in a specific location. That is why they require income statements and they require a minimum income to live in their location. Usually an occupant has to earn more than 30 times the monthly rent in order to qualify for a particular location, but some places look for up to 50 times the monthly rent before admitting someone. Keep that in mind when looking for a condo to call home.

Make the Deal Quickly

As soon the buyer decides that a property is worth getting it is important to close the deal as soon as possible. Securing Manhattan luxury condos with parking is highly competitive and the good ones go very quickly. To make sure that the right condo is available it is vital to bring along all the necessary paperwork and a checkbook to secure the location the same day it is viewed. This might seem extreme to some people, but that it is the way, shopping is done in Manhattan and other highly competitive sections of the city.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Renters insurance is often required at a quality apartment in the city, but even if it is not it is vital to protect the renter. The insurance is extremely affordable at less than $50 a month for most locations and that money will help protect all the belongings within while also offering protection against theft and other issues.

Spend some time learning about the local condo market in the area before committing to any property. Finding locations like the nice building at 252 East 57th is not easy to do and require a lot of dedicated researching.


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