Marketing and Ad Tips for Real Estate Management Firms

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Property Management

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In the world of real estate management, marketing is essential.  Without marketing or advertising, tenants would not know rental options are available.  While just about all real estate management companies employ marketing techniques, many have not yielded the results they could had if they considered clever and strategic techniques. Here are a few tips on how to maximize marketing and ad efforts.

Offline Techniques
There are many benefits to marketing offline.  Many believe it can offer a more personal touch when it comes to getting the attention of tenants.  For example, if you lived in Albuquerque and were hosting an event or get-together, that might be an interesting and personable way of gaining the interest of potential tenants.  Placing ads in local newspapers as well as generating a monthly newsletter are other ways ads can boost the productivity of real estate management. Albuquerque firms can also print out picturesque postcards of properties to generate interest.

Online Strategies
Banner ads and blogging are actually great ways to generate interest in the properties a real estate firm manages.  Another idea is to set up video blogs on the corporate website.  The text just beneath the video blog could backlink to a blog that discusses a particular property at length as well as any coupons or move-in specials.  One of the more common ways to boost interest is none other than pay per click ads. These ads are actually good when used with banner ads.  They can also boost the overall productivity of custom email campaigns.

Lead Generation Companies
Another idea is to hire the services of a lead generation company.  These companies specialize in generating leads or names of potential clients who could benefit from your services.  Usually, these companies get their information from information submitted voluntarily by the warm leads themselves.  For example, if you have ever completed a survey, the information you list (i.e. name, address, income bracket, job title) is provided to lead companies.  Some companies purchase this information.  In turn, as a management company, you can call on the services of a lead generation company to get warm leads.

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