Property Management Of Rental Homes In Louisville

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Real Estate

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In this real estate market sometimes an owner is faced with a tough decision over their property. We live in a semi-transient society and it is unlikely for people to live in the same area for five years at a time. Most homeowners are looking to enter the rental market for the first time because they have not been able to sell their home without suffering a terrible financial loss. Hire the professionals for Rental Homes Louisville to protect your investment when tenants are living in your home.

A professional real estate property management firm can handle everything from getting qualified tenants in your home to taking care of the day to day operations, collecting rent, and handling the move out and vacancy period. For a percentage of your rental income a property manager will be the only point of contact for your tenants and you can collect a monthly rental check that will hopefully adequately pay your monthly mortgage debt.

There are many things to ask when hiring Altec Realty for your rental property. Take a look at their contract that they would use for a prospective tenant. In the time you were living in the home, did you experience special requirements that would be necessary for a tenant to take care of? Is the proper replacement of the air filters listed in the agreement? What about the upkeep of the yard maintenance? Do you live in an area where cleaning the gutters on a routine basis is essential for the protection of your roof and structure?

A company that is professional in handling Rental Homes Louisville will be knowledgeable in many areas concerning your rental property. They should get proper references from your prospective tenants such as credit, employment and past rental history. If you are accepting pets in your property make sure the agreement states how much is required for a deposit and that the home be treated for fleas and carpet cleaning upon move out.

Lastly, most rental companies have their own contacts that they use for general maintenance, painting, plumbing, electrical and HVAC problems, should they arise. If you have your own personal preferences make sure to put that in your property management agreement. Typically, a management company will hold on to a specific amount of money to pay for repairs as soon as they are addressed.



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