Tenant Service in Eagle Idaho – What Happens During the Tenant Screening Process?

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Property Management

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Renting out a property takes time, therefore as a landlord you need to have patience and the skills to screen every tenant properly. However, you may not have enough time to complete these tasks, especially if you are already juggling a number of other properties. With help from a property manager that can offer a tenant service in Eagle Idaho, you can rest assured that a tenant who meets your requirements will be found in no time at all. After the screening process has taken place, the property manager will decide whether or not they are suitable, based on the information you provide for a tenant service in Eagle Idaho. If you are not quite sure who is screened, what is examined and how long the tenant service in Eagle Idaho takes, read on.

Examining Prospective Tenants

Lots of things will be focused on when the tenant service in Eagle Idaho examines the prospective tenants. First of all, their rental history will be looked at. If the tenant has not rented a property before, their credit will be analyzed so that the landlord can trust them to pay rent on time every month. Tenants with a criminal history may not be considered because this could be an indication of bad behavior, which may result in eviction. Another area that will be focused on is employment. Tenants with a steady employment have a better chance of being accepted to rent a property, because this guarantees regular income.

Tenant Screening Time Frame

The time it takes to screen a tenant will depend on the type of tenant service in Eagle Idaho you work with. Some companies will ask more questions whereas others will just focus on the basics and the more questions asked, the longer the results will take to come back. Despite this, the average time for tenant screening is between three and seven working days. Delays will happen if the property manager has difficulty obtaining some information, such as criminal records or proof of employment, but it is important to get all of this information before signing any contracts.

Reduce the Risks of a Problem

The reason why tenant screening takes place is to provide the landlord with peace of mind. Not only this, but it gives the neighbors peace of mind in the knowledge that they will be living next door to a well-behaved person. With a tenant service in Eagle Idaho like tenant screening, the landlord can avoid financial pitfalls because if he or she looks at rental history and payments were not made on time, the tenant can be turned down and the search can continue.

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