Amenities Found In Upper West Side Luxury Apartments

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Real Estate

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The apartment life can be an excellent choice for those who want luxurious spaces with extra amenities. Apartments on the Upper West Side are luxury all the way, including things that you may never have dreamed possible. Just imagine living in the most beautiful city in the world, getting to visit all the popular shops, markets and recreational activities they offer, and still living luxuriously through it all. It is everyone’s dream, and it could be your reality.


Most people would love the full spa treatment, especially if they didn’t have to leave their building to get it. Many apartment buildings offer private steam rooms with cedar-lined saunas and marble slabs to make you feel like you’re at the spa. You may also have luxurious bathrobes, towels and slippers to use complimentarily.

Roof Decks

If the outdoors is more your style, you may think that NYC isn’t the place for you with its tall buildings. However, there are plenty of parks nearby, but you may want to check the roof, as well. Many buildings in NYC offer roof decks, so you can enjoy the outdoors, get a panoramic view of Manhattan and enjoy the beauty within and without. Many times, they use potted trees, lounge chairs and may even have fireplaces and other options to make it feel even cozier.


If you enjoy sports, you may think a gym is your only choice, but many Upper West Side luxury apartments include a sports court, where you can play floor hockey, soccer or basketball. You can also have the area cleared and do Yoga or have a movie party. Whatever you can imagine is likely to be allowed, within reason so that you can enjoy yourself and the other occupants.


Whether your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or not, you may decide that going to a gym doesn’t suit your needs. It can take longer to get to the gym than it does to work out, so it may seem like a hopeless cause. While some people use free workout videos online, it can be boring and difficult to do some of the options. However, if you had a fitness center in the apartment building, you can pop down there whenever the mood strikes and work out until you sweat. You can also work out whenever you want, including overnight in some cases. You can also have access to the most popular machines and tools, such as ellipticals, kettlebells, stability balls and more.

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