Apartment Living at The Convent in Harlem

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Real Estate

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Making a decision concerning where to live is an important step as choosing the right place guarantees comfort. Luxurious living is on another level as every amenity and design of the apartment is all modern and top notch. The apartment itself is designed using the best facilities and amenities, and every feature is such that it guarantees efficiency, effectiveness and convenience.

Apartment Living Cuts Down the Costs

Luxurious apartment life is prestigious and extravagant but affordable compared to living the same life in a stand-alone house. Responsibilities such as upkeep are shared in luxury apartments in Harlem NY, so it is cheaper for the tenants. Luxurious apartments have amenities such as modern-day swimming pools, fitness areas and recreational areas amongst others. As a tenant, you are at liberty to enjoy the amenities, and it costs very little to pay for the services. You are also saved from responsibilities such as shoveling the ice after snowing or raking leaves in the Autumn.

Perfect Location

Luxurious apartments are located in very strategic places. If you choose to move into a luxury apartment in Harlem New York, the Convent in Harlem is the place to go. It is within minutes to many eateries and fine dining establishments, in addition to plenty of entertainment options if you want a night out on the town. Do you need to be close to the best medical facilities or good schools? No problem! You will have numerous options just minutes away. You will also be close to plenty of public transportation options, shops and boutiques, banks, and anything else you could ever want. The Convent can provide the classy lifestyle you are looking for. Contact them today to take a tour of available units, or to get answers to your questions. For more information Visit 17 & 52 Convent Avenue.

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