Benefits of Hiring Auctioneers in Stevens Point, WI

by | May 20, 2013 | Real Estate

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If you have a large amount of personal property to sell, you have the option of holding your own yard sale or having Auctioneers Stevens Point WI handle the sale for you. One consideration is that customers at a yard sale are looking for a bargain. They’re looking to negotiate on all prices and try to talk the price down. Face to face haggling can be really uncomfortable for the person selling the items, and they may feel obligated to settle for lower prices than they wanted. When you have an auctioneer handling the sale, customers understand from the beginning that the idea is to outbid others for the items they want; it fosters a spirited competition, which results in higher profits for you.

Running your own sale can easily get out of hand, too, if you don’t have enough help. You’ve got many strangers on your property, and it’s hard to make sure nothing walks away, including property that isn’t for sale, along with handling sales and questions. All of these are valid reasons for hiring the services of Auctioneers Stevens Point WI to handle this for you.

When you meet with your chosen Auctioneers Stevens Point WI, their company will talk with you and find out what your expectations are for the sale. They’ll keep all your information confidential, so that no one attending the sale as a bidder will be privy to private information about how little you’ll accept and other information that would give them an unfair advantage.

The Auctioneers Stevens Point WI will also need to see all your items ahead of the sale. They’ll help you come up with reasonable values for each of your items, and they’ll determine if an auction is the right solution for you and if you have the right items, the right quantity of items, and the quality of items that bidders will want to bid on. They’ll present a written contract to you and work out with you what preparations you may need to do before the auction, if their staff will help you, or if they’ll take care of the whole setup. On the day of the auction, they will set up the signs and their mobile office and register the buyers. They’ll keep the pace of the auction moving along. According to Wisconsin law, you’ll receive your funds within 14 days.


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