Creating New York City Style

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Real Estate

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New York City attracts a certain kind of person. The style and decor showcased in living spaces located in the city reflect that. Boldness, vibrancy, and luxury are represented in the Upper East Side apartments for sale. The common thread between all designs is going to be visual interest, nothing here is boring. All of the design elements work together to provide a very New York feel that isn’t found anywhere else.


Designs that you find in NYC are likely going to pop. Key pieces in every room will draw the eye, giving a conversation starter for when you entertain. A great design will ensure your space is open and inviting to keep your social life alive. Recently updated condos will follow open-concept layouts, making things light and airy. Nothing should feel stuffy or confined, because the desired mood should mirror open social engagements.


Like the nightlife in NYC, bright colors and strong lighting can be found in most designs. Accent walls painted in bright colors are common. The rest of the room will follow a similar color scheme as the accent color to bring unity. Most rooms will follow the similar color choices, but add some variety to keep things fresh. The idea is to keep colors complementary, which means bright colors are paired with more subdued tones. Shadows and highlights are used to bring out the color, and to create drama. The goal is to make things interesting to the eye, not over stimulate it.


Textures are used in a number of designs that you can find in NYC. Fabrics add an extra dimension to a space, allowing the overall decor to stimulate all of your senses. The touch and feel of a room should be of extravagance. It is not uncommon to mix soft fabrics with the hard edges of granite tabletops. The purpose is to provide contrast throughout the space.

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