Experience the Cultured Living of the Upper East Side in a Luxury Apartment

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Real Estate

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The Upper East Side is one of Manhattans most coveted place to reside among the wealthy. Stylish residential buildings that were custom designed to enhance the beauty of the city and offer a unique living experience for the residents. The 2 bedroom apartments for sale in the Upper East Side, occupants gain a stunning home that is intricately designed with today’s modern conveniences to enrich their lives.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, residents can start the day with the stunning view of the city’s skyline before entering the busy streets below.

Benefit Offered to the Residents

One of the beauties of residing in the 2 bedroom apartments for sale in the Upper Eastside is the location of the building. Nestled in a cozy neighborhood, occupants have access to some of the finest establishments in the worlds. From award-winning restaurants to prestigious schools, residents can find everything they are looking for within a short commute from their home. Along with the amenities offered to the residents to help enhance their life such as a weekly butler to assist with any errand they may have. In addition to a private rooftop terrace and patio that will allow them to enjoy the company of the other occupants of the building or simply to relax.

Your New Home is Waiting for You

If you are looking for an extraordinary living experience that fits the lifestyle you are accustomed to living. The Vitre can provide a solution for you by offering an exquisite home with a contemporary touch. With easy access to abundant entertainment hot spots, fashionable boutiques, and exquisite art you can enrich your life with the sophisticated living that the Vitre offers. Imagine waking up each day to a stunning view of the city before you start out your day.

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