Five Reasons to Live in the Upper West Side

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Real Estate

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If you are looking to buy a home in Manhattan here are five reasons you should consider the Condos for Sale Upper West Side agents might have listed:

  1.   Dining and Food: Whether you are seeking a fine dining experience or want to saddle up to a really good food truck, the Upper West Side has it all. Foodies will delight in the joys of excellent grocers who carry the finest of ingredients and if you aren’t a gourmet chef but enjoy a gourmet meal you will discover endless possibilities with up and comer chefs as well as well known hot spots. You will also find delicious ethnic delicacies in comfortable restaurants and food trucks parked curbside so you always have new and exciting options just outside your door.
  2.   Stunning Architecture: You will not only find your own stunning home in one of the many Condos For Sale Upper West Side has available, you will also discover truly beautiful architecture up and down the streets of this historical area. From gems that have sat undisturbed for over a century to newly renovated properties and famous landmarks such as the Dakota or Ansonia Hotel, the almost gothic structures will provide beautiful views for many of the condos you decide to call home.
  3.   Ample Culture: When you are looking for a cultural experience the Upper West Side is home to The Metropolitan Opera, The National Ballet and the New York Philharmonic and for a different type of entertainment, The Beacon Theatre caters to classic rock and blues fans. Art and history both also abound and you will discover neighborhood galleries and museums such as the American Museum of Natural History.
  4.   Beautiful Parks: You can enjoy a jog each morning along Riverside Park which follows a path along the Hudson River or discover the views and greenery of the Highline. You can take strolls, enjoy picnics or drop into the local café for a burger and beer.
  5.   Awesome Nightlife: The Upper West side is also home to an impressive night life with amazing jazz clubs, high end wine bars and opportunities to view live music all in a more low key atmosphere than what you would find in the downtown scene.

The condos for sale Upper West Side buildings have available provide welcome, classic and sophisticated options in an area growing in cultural, lifestyle and dining pleasures.

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