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by | Mar 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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The prevalence of foundation problems can be thought of as something of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is unfortunately common for homes to be built on unstable ground, or for their understructures to be afflicted with numerous inadequacies which detract from the property’s value and diminish the quality of life for whoever resides there. Simultaneously, though, the very fact that this issue is so widespread contributes to the ready availability of contractors who specialize in fixing the damage and work with reputable foundation repair companies. Dallas is full of promising options for homeowners from all walks of life, and there are few people in the area who have to continue putting up with foundation troubles if they want a way out.

How, exactly, do foundation repair measures work? There are several distinct methods to speak of, but piering is perhaps the most common and efficient technique available. Piering is a process that is used in situations where the cause of a faulty foundation is the instability of the soil over which a home is situated. When a house is built on top of this kind of malleable ground, movement is often generated. The structure of the building is pushed and pulled along with the soil, causing distortion and extensive damage in many cases. Piering is the most effective means of stabilizing the foundation and works by shifting the weight of the home onto bedrock or some other form of stable ground.

There are two basic piering techniques used by repair companies in Dallas. Push piers consist of long metal shafts that are pushed into the ground by means of a hydraulic mechanism. They are driven further and further into the soil until they hit bedrock or anything else that can adequately bear the loud of the structure. Once this is done, pier brackets are attached to the house’s footing, and the building’s weight is lifted off of the unstable soil and placed onto the pier itself. This reduces the aforementioned shifting and stabilizes the frame of the structure entirely.

Helical piers, like the push piers mentioned above, are also driven into the ground by hydraulic means. However, they differ from their counterparts in that they function like gigantic screws. They are turned into the ground, securing the foundation in place using the power of resistance. They are capable of supporting the house’s weight excellently, eliminating any further damage or distortion.

No matter what method you would prefer to use, foundation repair companies in your area likely have a number of wonderful solutions. It is recommended that if your foundation is unstable, you consult with a contractor as soon as possible to discuss purchasing a fix.

Foundation Repair Companies Dallas – There are numerous piering processes offered by foundation repair companies in Dallas, and Steel Piers provides its customers with all of them. Whether you need interior or exterior steel piers, or helical piers to reinforce your home’s foundation, our services can give you your money’s worth. Call 817-561-9339 or visit to learn more.

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