If You’re Considering Apartments In Midtown East—What To Know

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Real Estate

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Midtown East goes from 40th to 59th Street and is between Lexington Avenue and the E. River. Many people live in the area and love it, saying that it is convenient and unmistakably New York. Between those areas is about half a mile of prime real estate, which includes apartments, either on noisy, boisterous avenues or peaceful, quiet side streets.

Why People Like It

Primarily, you’ve got options when it comes to apartments in Midtown East. Many times, the suburbs are too far away from the excitement of the city, but they can also be sterile and require long commute times. Working people may prefer to live in the city to make it easier, but can still choose from noise and excitement or quiet and calm.

While it may not be the cheapest place to live, it is comparable to other NYC areas. That does mean that rent or purchase prices may be higher, but you’d find roughly the same prices as in other parts of New York City.

Who Lives There?

Primarily, the area is made of up single men who are business-minded and the upper-middle-class couples. However, it is becoming a trend for young families to find a place to nest and raise their children, as many buildings offer playrooms and allow pets for a growing family to remain comfortable and live in a classy neighborhood.

What’s The Neighborhood Like?

While travel is available from buses and subway trains, most people prefer to walk or take a taxi. You’ll find excellent options near to apartments in Midtown East, such as the Juice Press, The Health Nuts, Sushi Seki, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Soul Cycle, and more.

If you prefer to travel a little farther, you’ll have a variety of cultural spots, such as Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art and others. Likewise, retail excursions can be exciting and fun with Saks Fifth Avenue and Chanel in the area.

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