Real Property Management and Rincon Tenant Services Include 3 Fair Fee Types

by | May 27, 2015 | Real Estate

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Landlords are in a rather important back and forth debate. Should they or should they not hire Real Property Management Rincon Tenant Services? The answer may seem cut and dry from the perspective of rental management firms, but there is plenty of room to discuss the situation. The biggest argument against hiring a management company is the cost. It is a fair one, and one that has systematically pushed many landlords to manage their own properties and perhaps fall into a time committal trap they have yet to escape. The below is a review of these fees, which will consequently shed a light on what landlords can reasonably expect after they call the Real Property Management Rincon Tenant Services.

Monthly Management

Monthly management is negotiable. It is the terms the company charges for delivering their services, such as screening tenants, obtaining rent, and taking care of property concerns. The monthly management may be added even when the property is vacant. Discuss these terms with a local professional, and keep in mind that the property management prices are open to discussion.


The leasing management cost is relatively standardized. This means that is not nearly as negotiable as the monthly management terms. It is the amount the management company charges by simply being there and available. It begins when a tenant moves in. Furthermore, it does not waver. If the tenant moves out, the monthly management discontinues until a new tenant moves in. it is a percent of the overall amount paid for rent.

Contractor Costs

Be wary of services that charge extremely low management fees or are willing to waive the leasing fee entirely. There is a general ballpark for every city, and a company that goes way below that should raise suspicions. Companies can also make a bit from their contractor invoices. In short, these are documents that detail the expenses behind a repair in the property. It accounts for labor and parts.

A rental management company is perfect for landlords juggling multiple properties. The costs are negotiable to an extent. The time a management firm saves a landlord is almost always worth the price of admission. Contact us Today!

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