Shopping For Homes For Sale in Loudoun, VA: 5 Helpful Tips

by | May 19, 2014 | Real Estate

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Buying a new home is an exciting opportunity. Whether it is your first home, you are upgrading or downgrading, or moving for a new job, it can be quite enthralling. Before shopping and then making a final purchase, there are several things that you should consider.

1.      What size house do you need?

2.     It’s easy to think of the here and now, but you should consider your future, too. Do you plan on having children or more children? Will your mother or mother in law be moving in with you a little later on down the road? How long will your house fit your needs?

3.     How are the schools in the area?

4.     If you have children, their education is important. Check into local schools and find out if your child will be a good fit there when looking at

5.     homes for sale Loudoun VA

6.     Where is your place of employment in relation to houses you are interested in?

7.     With the price of gas and your time being valuable, you should keep in mind your daily commute. How far are you willing to travel to get to work? What is the traffic like?

8.     How far away are the places you visit often?

9.     Think about where the nearest grocery store is. While this may not seem like a big deal, you may not like the fact that you have to travel several minutes to get that gallon of milk that you forgot. Also, consider the different places you visit on a regular basis. How far away is your family, the doctor’s office, your hair salon, favorite stores, and other places you may visit?

10.   What kind of shape is the house in?

11.   Yes, you may love the house, but how long will that last? Check into the structure of the house, the heating and cooling unit, the electrical wires, the plumbing and other things that make a house run. Make sure they are in good shape and if not, make sure you are willing to pay for them to be repaired or repair them yourself.

Ask yourself the questions shared here to make sure the house you buy is right for you.

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