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by | Apr 12, 2013 | Real Estate

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With today’s difficult economy, some of the Homes Columbus OH, have been on the market for a long while. Only a select few are selling quickly. We’ve all seen houses that have been for sale over a year with little interest and other homes seem to go on the market and sell right away. What is the difference? Why do some sell and others are passed over when they are basically the same? Many times it has to do with the time spent on interior design of the home. Recently staging a home has become a popular way to give it more appeal when it’s on the market. With a few simple tricks, your house can boost its appeal and gain interest from the buyers in the area.

To get your house ready to sell, it’s important to clear out the rooms. Start your packing early. Remove anything that isn’t necessary from the home. It’s important to take away any personalized looks you have in the rooms. Make them generic, like a hotel room or hotel lobby. This makes the rooms in your home look more spacious and also allows the buyers to imagine themselves living in the house, much more so than when your family pictures are still hanging on the wall.

Make sure before you have a showing on the home, open all the blinds or shades and pull back the curtains. Natural lighting makes the house look inviting, open and airy. If it’s cool, comfortable weather, open the windows to let the fresh air flow in, if you live in a quiet, serene neighborhood.

It’s recommended that you make your entryway inviting. It’s usually the first impression a potential buyer has before they walk into your home. Let it be a positive one by sprucing up the front door and porch. Make sure it’s clean, no spiderwebs hanging. Wash or wipe and smudges off the front door. Make walking into your home a positive experience so the buyer can imagine themselves coming home to your house.

By following these tips you can make your home stand above other comparable Homes Columbus OH. Take the time to prep your home before you put it on the market. Make it look homey and inviting. Let the buyers imagine how wonderful it would be to live there. Your home will get more interest this way and hopefully sell quicker too.

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