The Indescribable Feeling of Living in a Penthouse

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Real Estate

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Living in a penthouse is not only prestigious, but it also gives you a “sense of arrival”. If you enjoy living a very private life with zero hassles, then consider living in Brooklyn penthouses. When you think about it, the ambience, amenities, and luxury enjoyed is amazing. You only live life once, so why not live it in the best way possible?

The Location and Position Matters

Buildings with penthouses are located in prime areas like near city centers, schools, medical facilities, and other establishments. You are therefore able to navigate the city or the area where you are living without a problem. As for space and number of bedrooms, penthouses have as many as 5 or 6 bedrooms mostly with en-suite baths. They can occupy the topmost floors or two topmost floors of the building. Living in a penthouse means that you live the furthest from the garage and main entrance and exit of the building. To make your access to the areas easier, the penthouses have private elevators that lead to the garage and main entrance. Another advantage that you enjoy by living in a penthouse is energy conservation and efficiency. The warm air from the units below rises up, so you will not have to use as much energy to heat the penthouse. This is great for people that want to live a “green” lifestyle.

Gorgeous Views of the Skyline

The location of the living unit is a guarantee to unobstructed views of Brooklyn’s skyline. There is nothing quite as peaceful and magnificent than being on the top floor of a Brooklyn high-rise and watching the sun set or rise on the horizon. The Oosten is the place to go if you are considering living in a penthouse in Brooklyn. They will provide the ultimate luxury living lifestyle for your pleasure.

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