The Popularity and Benefits of Private Aviation Communities

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Real Estate

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People who own their own planes and love to fly have the option of combining their hobby or passion with their personal lifestyle by building a custom home in a fly-in community, which basically consists of properties with airstrips. Austin home builders are presently developing aviation communities that meet the needs of flying enthusiasts and homeowners who want to be able to park their own private aircraft.

Increasingly popular with pilots and people who love to fly, properties with airstrips in Austin (otherwise known as aviation communities or air parks) are convenient ways to save money. Presently, there are more than 600 fly-in communities in the United States with several new ones in development, including sites in the Austin area. One of the major draws for pilots is the ability to park their private aircraft at home and fly more or less whenever the whim takes them. These communities continue to be built and developed even amid times of economic crisis, recession and periods of high fuel costs that may have a direct effect on the ability for pilots to fly.

Homeowners who live at properties with airstrips in Austin pay special fees and share the costs of maintaining the private runway with their neighbors. A strict set of rules are also enforced, such as the prohibition of operation commercial flights in the neighborhood, which is clearly defined and delineated. The direct benefits of building properties with airstrips in Austin are obvious, including have quick access to one’s own private airport, and being able to house one’s aircraft safely in one’s own private hangar.

Some neighborhoods may be built around a local country club, a pool and gym or a golf course. An aviation community is a neighborhood built around the enthusiasm of those who are a part of the local culture for aircraft and flight. A secondary benefit is that it is cost-effective as well, allowing members to save money on storage expenses since homeowners are able to store their private aircraft at home in private garages or hangars.

Luxury, custom built homes often are the standard for these kinds of neighborhoods, especially in new projects being developed in Austin where average homes may be anywhere from 4500 to 6000 square feet at a modest price range beginning at about $900,000 and usually not exceeding two million dollars.

Custom built homes offered by the top home builders in Austin allow new homeowners to plan and envision and create a home that accommodate a family’s love of flight with other various features that help make each home unique.

This spring, Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes of Lakeway Texas will begin sales in their much anticipated Lakeway Airpark Estates community. This luxury home community is unique in that seven of the eight homes to be built include an attached airplane hanger with direct access to the taxiway at the Lakeway Airpark (3R9), which is a residential community that features properties with airstrips in Austin. The eighth home will be a custom design and will include a hanger space in one of the two developer owned “four plex” hangers. For more information, navigate online to


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