Top Three Myths About NYC Luxury Condos

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Real Estate

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Living in a luxury condominium in New York City can be an incredible experience. Luxury condos offer owners benefits, amenities, and services that simply can’t be found in single-family homes or rental accommodations. Despite their incredible popularity and the many perks that they provide, some condo buyers may be reluctant to research luxury condos in great detail, deterred by prevailing misconceptions. Here are the top three myths about NYC luxury condos, and their respective truths.

Myth #1: You Are Prohibited From Redecorating

One of the most prevalent myths about condo ownership is that the décor in the unit must remain the same. While there may be certain restrictions and limitations placed on the extent and nature of redecorating that is permitted, in general, condo owners are given a lot more freedom about the state of their unit than those who simply rent.

Myth #2: Condos Are Tiny

Condos are available in a number of different sizes, suitable for owners of all types. Whether you are looking to upgrade or downsize, there is a perfectly sized luxury condo for you. Browsing online is a great way to start your search, as you can quickly and easily see the floor plans and square footage available for each unit. Looking at floor plans can also help dispel the myth that condos offer little in the way of privacy. In reality, each unit is carefully designed to provide as much privacy and noise modulation as possible.

Myth #3: It’s Impossible To Park

Misconceptions about difficulty parking can also keep prospective condo buyers away from luxury buildings. The reality is that luxury buildings, unlike New York City apartments, offer their residents easily accessible parking. In fact, most have dedicated parking spots so that you can use the same one each and every time you park without fail. There may even be additional security surrounding the parking lot, offering more safety than a single-family home could ever provide. Visit Carnegie Park Condominium.

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