Why Property Owners Should Our Phoenix Property Management Business

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Real Estate

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Investing in rental property is a great way to grow your wealth, but there is a lot of responsibility to owning property as well. You are responsible for the upkeep on the homes or apartments you own, you have to collect rent, advertise your rentals and interview prospective tenants. However, if you hire our company as your Phoenix property management company, we will take care of the day-to-day responsibilities for your rental property.

We Will Take Care of Your Property

In order to get the most income out of your rental property, it needs to be kept in great condition to attract and keep tenants. Simply Property Management will make sure your rental homes are always in move-in ready condition. We have a staff that takes care of everything from painting our client’s properties to pool maintenance to landscaping. Keeping our clients’ properties in the best condition possibly is the easiest way to keep them occupied and the rental income flowing.

We will Find Occupants for Your Property

Simply Property Management has been in the property management business in Phoenix since 1996. We have experience in finding good, responsible tenants for properties and we can help keep your rental homes occupied so it helps make you money. Unoccupied rentals don’t make you or us any money, so we diligently search for and find tenants that will be a good fit for the rental properties you own. Our company specializes in managing single family homes in Phoenix.

One way we can help find tenants for our clients is through our website. We post pictures of our clients’ properties online with a short description of each one, detailing the monthly rent, the deposit amount and the size of the property. Since many people look on the Internet to search for properties, our website helps us to find tenants who need a rental property in Phoenix. When they find a rental they like, the prospective tenant can leave their contact information about the specific property in which they have an interest.

We Will Handle All Necessary Legal Actions

If we do have a problem with a tenant, you will not have to concern yourself with handling any legal action. We have attorneys that will handle the paperwork and court filings for evictions, late rental collection or any other legalities involving your rental property. Although we will keep you up-to-date on any legal actions involving your property, you will not have to go to court or involve yourself in any way. Our company will handle all of the legal issues for you.

Our company is a full-service Phoenix property management business and we have the experience you need to handle everything regarding your rental property. We take care of anything that has to do with making sure you property is well cared for and occupied by responsible tenants. All you have to do is collect your rental property income and live your life. Simply Property Management will take care of all the responsibilities of property ownership for you.

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