How to Choose a Luxury Apartment on the Upper East Side

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Real Estate

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Are you looking into a new luxury apartment on the upper east side with views?

Sometimes the most important part of looking for a new apartment in a large city is the view. Here are a few things to consider before you sign that contract.

  • Does it meet your specifications? Even if the apartment has the view you want, does it match anything else? You don’t want to settle on a place only based on the view. Make sure it has everything that you are looking for.
    • Does it have extra storage?
    • A place to park, or nearby transportation?
    • Any amenities that you need?
  • Where is it? You might have found the view, but is it located where you want?
    • Is it close to work?
    • Your favorite restaurants?
    • Do you like the nightlife, or do you want somewhere quieter?
    • Your favorite stores?
    • Can you walk if need be? It may not be necessary to walk, but can you get where you promptly?
  • How is your commute? Will it take you hours to get to your place of work? Or is it just around the corner?
  • Most importantly, the view. Does it have the view that you want? Or is it lacking in what you want to see? If you are searching for an apartment, with a specific view in mind, be just as picky about your view as you are about other aspects.

Location Makes All the Difference

Once you have found an area that you love, like the Upper East Side, it is time to start looking in that area for an apartment that is right for you. 252 East 57th has the location, and view, that you are looking for.

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